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Tree Lottery Program

Tree Lottery Program

Versailles Tree Commission Announces Annual Tree Lottery Program

The Versailles Tree Commission has announced the Village will be accepting application request forms from eligible property owners for a chance at being randomly selected to receive one of fifteen trees that will be given away by the Tree Commission as part of its annual Tree Lottery program. Property owners who received a tree through the 2016 Tree Lottery will not be eligible for the 2017 Tree Lottery. 

The tree lottery trees are not limited to being planted within the public right-of-way. A property owner may opt to have the lottery tree planted upon their property outside the public right-of-way. All tree planting locations must be approved by the Village Tree Commission. 

Eligibility to participate in the lottery process is subject to certain criteria. Only owners of property located within the corporation limits will be eligible to participate in the lottery program. Tenants are ineligible to participate. If you own property within the Village and reside outside the Village, you are eligible to participate. Property owners with nonexistent or deteriorated sidewalks (as defined in the Sidewalk Installation/Replacement Ordinance) will be eligible to participate in the lottery program, but will only be permitted to have a lottery tree planted upon their property outside the street right-of-way. 

Additionally, property owners who fail to properly maintain either a replacement tree or lottery tree will not be eligible to participate in future lotteries; property owners along a street that has been outlined in the Village's Five Year Capital Improvement Plan for reconstruction, will be eligible to receive a tree through the lottery process, but will only be permitted to have a lottery tree planted upon their property outside the street right-of-way; all lottery trees must be planted within the corporation limits; all trees are subject to the Village's tree planting restrictions and will require a planting permit (there is no charge for the permit); and all decisions made by the Tree Commission are final.

All forms for this year's upcoming lottery are to be returned to the Village Offices by March 31st. If anyone has questions regarding the Tree Lottery Program, please contact the Village Offices at 526-3294 extension 225 or 206.

Mayor Subler, Village Council, and the Tree Commission are pleased to be able to provide this annual Tree Lottery program for the Village of Versailles. The Village’s tree program plays a vital role in preserving, protecting, and adding to the local urban forestry population. With continued community support the citizens of Versailles will be able to preserve and enhance the presence and value of one of our environment’s precious natural resources . . . Trees!